How to Install Your NBN™ Battery Replacement

Replace NBN™ Power Supply with Battery Backup

Installing your NBN™ co backup battery is as easy as 1,2,3, and 4. As soon as you hear a beeping alarm sound from the battery, you will know that your battery has neared the end of its serviceable life and needs replacement. Once the battery has reached the end of its life you have the option of purchasing a new one from EnerSys, they are easy to install and high quality. Read on to find out more.


Step 1: Identify your NBN™ Power Supply with Battery Backup

First, check whether your battery is still under warranty. If your Power Supply with Battery Backup is showing a red light next to the ‘REPLACE BATTERY’ symbol or you hear an alarm (beeping once every 15 minutes) this either means that you need to replace your battery with a new one or that the battery has been removed.

Before proceeding to Step 2, you will need to purchase a new battery.

EnerSys NBN™ Battery - NP7-12TFR


EnerSys is the original supplier of backup batteries for NBN™ power supply units.

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Step 2: Removing your old battery

Turn off at the power point and disconnect the power supply from the mains power. Once the power supply is disconnected, the unit is safe to open. Open the front cover of the Power Supply with Battery Backup (A), the battery operates at 12V-DC, which is safe for disconnection and handling. Disconnect the red ‘+’ plug from the battery (B). Push the tabs holding the battery, one above and one below, outward and then lift the battery out (C). Disconnect the black ‘–’ plug and remove battery (D).

Step 2 How To Replace Your NBN Battery

Step 3: Installing your new battery

Reconnect the black ‘–’ plug to the new battery (E). Push the battery retaining tabs outward and insert the battery into the Power Supply with Battery Backup (F). Reconnect the red ‘+’ plug to the new battery (G). Make sure the wires are not being pinched by the battery or front cover. Close the front cover. Plug the power supply back into the power point and turn the power on. The new battery will take 24 hours to completely charge. Please retain the old battery as a precaution during this time unless its charge was completely exhausted. Please note, your broadband and/or phone service delivered over the nbn™ network will be unavailable while the battery is being replaced and for up to 10 minutes afterwards

Step 3 How To Replace Your NBN Battery

Step 4: Recycling your old battery

The Sealed Lead Batteries used in your NBN Power Supply Unit are recyclable. However, these batteries are hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of in your household bin. Please take your battery to a specialist recycling centre. For information on how and where to recycle, visit: Recycle

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